Women's Fall Bible Study

Week after Week, Pastor Stormy (and many other pastors across Lubbock) are reminding people to "stay in the Word!" The is THE prescription for navigating this unstable world. So, we want to provide a means to do that - as a group of women. Together, let's go a little deeper into Joshua 1-6, by following the outline in the little book The Jordan River Rules: 10 God-give Strategies for Moving Forward by Robert Morgan

Beginning September 10th and concluding this study on November 26th, we will present the following lessons to inspire us to move forward in our Christian walk and in time the Word:

10 - Realize God means for you to move forward.
17 - Say "no" to discouragement,  "yes" to strength.
24 - Step up to the moment.

1 - Find someone to help along the way.
8 - Expect God to guide you. where you've never been before.l
15 - No class (Cherished Women's Conference)
22 - Prepare today for tomorrow's wonders.
29 - Trust God to turn problems into pathways.

5 - Build a monument.
12 - You're not in charge but remember Who is.
19 - No class (Thanksgiving)
26 - Encircle obstacles with Biblical faith and shout the victory.
These Saturday morning lessons will take place at Faith Church (but feel free to invite friends) and will be led by Marilyn Garrett (some of you know her from Breakout Sessions at our Cherished Women's Conferences or from Trinity Christian School.)

Why Saturday?

This choice is meant to include working ladies who often cannot meet during the week. It also allows husbands or older siblings to provide childcare for the littles. If you have the time, it would be great to extend your break with lunch together and add some wonderful fellowship to this study.

Will there be childcare?

Yes - for 1-5 year-olds only, at a cost of $7 an hour. You must reserve your spot by Wednesday night prior to each Saturday so that we will have enough workers. But we are hoping that many of you can utilize husbands, teens, and family.

What time will we meet?

10:00 - 11:30 (or later if you need prayer or to fellowship further or ask more questions - up until 12:00). If you can only come for one hour, the teaching will take place from 10:00 - 11:00; if you will need to leave then, please sit near the back so as not to disrupt the class.

Do we need the book?

It is recommended but - great news - your book will be provided free of charge if you sign up for the class by August 17th. The books are available online if you need to purchase them after that time. You will enjoy a wonderful study even if you do not have the book.

What do we need to bring?

A Bible (my preference is to have one you can write in); pen or pencil, perhaps a highlighter for you Bible. We will provide folders, weekly notes, nametags, and regular coffee service. Feel free to bring your own gourmet coffee, snacks, or breakfast! We'll just clean up after ourselves (we're all good at that!).

Do we need volunteers?

Who says no to that! If you would like to come early to set up coffee or help with set-up, if you could do a quick wipe down of the bathroom so it is ready for Sunday, if you could greet and pass out the handouts, if you could stay a bit afterwards to be sure all is in order for Sunday and the trash taken out - there's always a place to serve.

Is this study for you?

You bet! If you have known you need to get deeper into the Word, if you need a sabbatical (or break) from everyday life and responsibilities, if you have a desire for more knowledge and personal application of the Bible, if you've just needed some fellowship with other ladies - this opportunity is for you!

Teacher Talk from Marilyn Garrett:

"I'm a life-long Lubbockite, although I'm a daughter, sister, and aunt of missionaries worldwide. I taught English and Bible at Trinity Christian School (mostly grade 12) for 31 years. A Christian since age 20, I am now a committed Bible. teacher, mentor, speaker, editor, mom, and grandmom - trapped in a senior citizen's body! I live by my mother's motto: 'There's no retirement in the kingdom', so I am ever pushing forward to share the Word and contribute to the Body of Christ. I look forward to gathering around the table, Bibles and pens and coffees in hand, to invite the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us from the Word of God."

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*You will need to register for childcare by Wednesday for every week you will be attending*