FC Groups are back! These groups meet on the 1st Sunday of each month from 5:00 - 6:30 pm starting on Sunday, February 5th. We are also adding Groups for children age birth through 5th grade! You can register your child for their age-appropriate group as long as you are also registered for a group as their parent or guardian. You were made to live life with others! Whether you're interested in making new friends, growing in your relationship with God, or anything in between, we have a Group for you!

 Scroll down to check out our full lineup of groups and meet the leaders.

Defined: Who God Says You Are

Leader: Cheryle Smoot
This Group is For: Anyone feeling unworthy, without purpose, or just plain lost in life
Requirements: None
Group Details: The issue of identity is one that we all face in our lives – often more than once. Sometimes that definition is based on what we do or how we feel; but what happens to our “identity” when our kids grow up and move out, when we accept Jesus into our hearts, when we retire, or when we leave home for the first time? The hard truth is that the world will try to define who we are if we will allow it to. Our identity affects our words, our attitudes, how we treat people, and how we respond to everything life brings our way. Each of us must discover and be able to understand who we are and what we are here for.
The Word of God says a lot about who we are in Christ and what He thinks about us. I invite you to partner with me on an 8-session journey to discover what God’s Word has to say about who really gets to define our identity. Join me as we use the Word of God to discover the identity that doesn’t change with life circumstances. Let’s lay out a strong foundation to live a Christian life and use that life for God’s glory. The answer to who we are is more incredible than we could think or imagine!

Faith Driven Entrepreneurship

Leader: Amanda Bullen
This Group is For: Business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs
Requirements: This group is only open to 15 people, please sign up at faithdrivenentrepreneur.org using this link.
Group Details: The world is looking for leadership, in FDE we will discuss what it means to embrace your call to create and fulfill God’s purpose for your life and work.  The decisions of entrepreneurs shape the future of nations, cities, and cultures. And it’s in the community of like-minded believers where we sharpen, challenge, and encourage each other to go deeper.

We believe there’s no better way to step into the world’s void of leadership than a movement of Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. Aligned, inspired, and activated by content and kept there by a deep, local community. One that challenges our hearts. But also pushes us to act.

The study features stories of real-life entrepreneurs and goes deep into the marks of your work being your ministry. We will have practical, purposeful discussions along with times of prayer for what and where the Holy Spirit is leading your business.

FC Little Kids' Bible Adventures

Leaders: Dora Slater & Ramona Murillo
This Group is For: Birth through Pre-School
Requirements: A parent or guardian must also be participating in FC Groups.
Group Details: FC Little Kids' Bible Adventure is a curriculum that takes preschoolers through key Bible stories, high-energy worship, and colorful worlds...and helps them experience Jesus in a very real way. While you are in class learning how to manage finances or how to have a great Godly marriage, your littles will also be learning how AMAZING God is in their lives! Download the Bible App for Kids and follow along in their journey and see what they’re learning!

Financial Peace University

Leader: Evan Havens
This Group is For: Age 15 and up
Requirements: You must purchase a course license for $50 (couples only need one license between the two of you). This is a great investment in your financial future!
Group Details: Financial Peace University is a course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt quickly, spend wisely, and invest for your future (and no complicated financial blah blah blah over here). Don’t just dream about the life you really want. Attack this stuff with a vengeance, and take control of your money. For good! FPU is for anyone and everyone! Whether you’re trying to get out of debt or save for retirement, you’ll learn God’s way of handling money. No matter where you are in your financial journey we want to help you reach your goals faster!

The Front Porch

Leaders: Warren& Stacy Havens
This Group is For: Age 18 and up
Requirements: None
Group Details: The New Testament church was founded in homes and was a place of community. Our lives have gotten so busy that we have lost the art of sitting out on the front porch, sharing our lives. We need to make intentional efforts to connect with each other.

Drop off your kids at the church for their FC Groups then join us in our home (2313 57th) as we support, encourage, and build each other up.

The Huddle

Leader: Pastor Stormy Swann
This Group is For: Men age 15 and up
Requirements: None
Group Details: The Huddle is all about training and equipping men to be better fathers, better husbands, and better followers of Christ! Turning 18 doesn't make you a man by default; it is so much deeper than that! There is a high calling on the men of God to rise up and take their place in their families, workplaces, churches, and communities. Come learn about the DNA of man through the only valid source, the Word of God. Let's encourage each other to tackle life head-on. Join The Huddle!

KidStuf/The Edge (Kinder - 6th Grade)

LeaderKeith & Jamie Ayers
This Group is For: Kindergarten through 6th grade
Requirements: A parent or guardian must also be participating in FC Groups.
Group Details: KidStuf (Kindergarten-3rd grade)
This group is about helping the younger kids know God deeper through prayer, Bible study, and learning spiritual disciplines.

The Edge (3rd-6th grade)
This group is to help tweens navigate the changes they may experience as they transition from childhood to adolescence. Topics covered will be emotions, independence, friendships, and decisions.

The Spanish Group

Leader: Solomon Garcia
This Group is For: Spanish-speakers
Requirements: None
Group Details: Over the last decade the Hispanic population has grown 19%.  This is astonishing considering that the average overall growth rate in the U.S. is only 7%.
The Spanish Group's purpose is:
1. Grow in relationship with God.
2. Grow in relationship with one another.
3. Grow numerically.
Our desire is to gather anyone who loves the Hispanic culture. All this will be done through worship, teaching, and fellowship with an emphasis on the Hispanic culture. We will primarily be a bilingual group, understanding that the Hispanic culture is not only about language.

The Story of Marriage

Leader: Phillip & Mandy Encinias
This Group is For: Couples who are married or desiring to be married
Requirements: None
Group Details: ONCE UPON A TIME…Marriage was forever. It was a covenant that knit one man and one woman together. This weaving made both stronger, nobler, and more vibrant expressions of who they were created to be. They were better together than either had been on their own.

The wedding ceremony was but a beginning. It was the gateway to build their happily ever after. Each choice and action was designed to construct the life their union represented. Husband and wife walked into the great unknown with hearts, hands, and voices intertwined to express the love of their Creator.

How did we lose touch with this profound love story? In The Story of Marriage, we invite you to rediscover God’s original plan. Whether you’re married, single, or engaged, your story is a part of His.

Thriving Solo

Leader: Sharla Buxkemper
This Group is For: Single people over the age of 30
Requirements: None
Group Details: You might be a lone ranger, but you are not alone! Our mission is to help singles from all walks of life gather as they help each other to find a sense of community and establish purposeful relationships. This provides the opportunity to meet new friends and grow spiritually all while having fun!