Find Us On Youtube To Watch Our Latest Services

Find Us On Youtube To Watch Our Latest Services

To all of our Faith Christian Family Church partners, donors and attendees: 

These past months of quarantining and staying home have been difficult on all of us and we have so missed seeing each of you in person. We are blessed that God has provided our livestream to be able to keep our church services going out to homes all over this region and around the world even. But it is not the same as gathering together in one place and being encouraged through corporate worship. So, we want to announce to you our big news, (if you haven’t heard it by now) - that we will re-open the church for services beginning on Wednesday, May 20, praise God!

We WILL be able to all gather together in the church building, but with specific guidelines that the state of Texas has given to direct us in how we have our in-person services. We want to honor our government and follow these explicitly to safeguard the health and well-being of our congregation. So, we are letting you know ahead of time what these new protocols will look like. Please read over the Requirements to Attend so you and your family are aware of the changes.

If you are not ready to attend public services and you feel more comfortable at home, then we respect your decision to participate with us through the livestream. We are looking forward to having our church doors open again for corporate worship and we are blessed to have you as a part of of FCFC! Please let us know if you have any questions.  
                 Pastor Stormy & Shelly Swann  


Requirements to attend:

1.  We encourage all who are age 65 & above, or anyone of any age that has a compromised immune system, to watch the livestream from home, but they can attend if they want to. There is a separate “at-risk” seating area you can ask to be seated in.

2.  Everyone will refrain from all physical contact: please do not hug, shake hands, fist bump, high five, etc.

3. Anyone with a fever or any visible signs of sickness will be asked to leave and watch the livestream from home.  

4. We encourage face coverings to be worn by all but are not requiring them.

5.  Everyone will sanitize their hands before entering the sanctuary.

6.  Ushers will seat you according to family unit: 2 chairs between, and every other row empty. You will also be dismissed by ushers, row by row.

7.  Elementary kids, grades K-5 will have a Faith Kids service with the same social distancing requirements (please discuss these with them). You will enter through the glass doors by kitchen, go through the check-in process and then drop kids off at the FK stairway where their leaders will take them upstairs. You will be seated separately and dismissed separately to pick up your kids one by one at the FK stairway and will then exit back down the gym hallway and out the NE doors where you came in the building. Check-in for elementary children will be open for 30 minutes only, from 20 minutes before service time until 10 minutes after.

8. FCYC services for teens in grades 6-12 will be held on Wednesdays with the same social distancing requirements. Teens will enter through the SE glass doors into youth lobby to check-in. Check-in for teens will be open for 30 minutes only, from 20 minutes before service time until 10 minutes after.

9.  Pre-K classes are closed, so children younger than Kindergarten will stay with their parents. The Family Room will only be open for crying children with one parent and social distancing.

10.  Bathrooms will be monitored with only a few allowed in at one time and doors will stay propped.

11. The building will be temporarily closed between services so that chairs and all touch points can be sanitized.

12. The coffee shop and North doors will be closed.

13. Upon arrival to church, please line up outside the main auditorium doors (kitchen doors if you are checking in elementary children). Doors will open 20 minutes before each service. You will be admitted in after sanitizing and be seated by our ushers. Please observe the 6 feet social distancing markings on the floors while waiting in line.

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